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GoPro Shorty - AFTTM-001
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GoPro Shorty - AFTTM-001

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Weight: 500 grams
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Brand: GoPro
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GoPro Shorty - AFTTM-001

If you need to quickly set up your HERO on a level surface, or just grab an impromptu handheld shot, the GoPro Shorty is a grab-and-go solution. Its pocketable form factor makes it easy to take along wherever you go. For locked-down shots, simply secure your HERO camera's frame or housing using the standard 3-prong accessory interface, position the tripod where you need it, extend the pole for extra height, and start filming. Alternatively, just keep it folded up and use it as a handgrip.


*Combo Mini Extension Pole + Tripod
*Pocketable Grab-and-Go Form Factor
*8.9" Extended, 4.6" Retracted

In the Box:

1 x GoPro Shorty

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