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Sony SF-8N4 SD Memory Card Class 4 [Sony Malaysia Warranty]

Sony SF-8N4 SD Memory Card Class 4 [Sony Malaysia Warranty]

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Sony SF-8N4 SD Memory Card Class 4

If you are looking for a micro SD card where you can store all your personal and professional files and documents, you can consider this Sony SDHC SF-8N4/T memory card. This SDHC card from Sony has the capacity to store all your important scanned documents, photographs, videos, songs and movies. With its super fast speed, this micro SD card is equipped with the capacity to transfer a good number of photos instantly.


  • Sony Memory Card File Rescue Software - Many times, the memory card gets corrupt or a data stored in it gets deleted by mistake – no worries, this memory card recovers all such data for you. It comes along with Sony Memory Card File Rescue Software, which is leading-edge software that not only supports much of the latest file formats but also helps in recovering the lost data.  
  • X-Pict Story for Memory Card - With this memory card by Sony, it is time to see new faces of your stored images. It incorporates the X-Pict Story for Memory Card. In other words, the memory card reads and analyses all your stored photographs and creates a photo album out of those. The photographs get automatically arranged and are synced to music and effects, and therefore give you a beautiful reason to cherish all your memorable moments.
  • Highly Durable Performance - This memory card by Sony incorporates highly durable features that ensure long lasting performance. Consisting of the Shock Proof feature, this memory card is difficult to break. In other words, it can easily withstand bending and twisting pressure, without compromising the data in any way. Besides, it is Anti-Static – which means that this Sony Memory Card conforms to the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) 61000-4-2. Putting it more simply, this memory card protects your data even in dry seasons and similar adverse conditions. 
  • Designed to Offer Rugged Performance - This memory card is designed to offer rugged performance – no matter in what condition it is being used. It is designed to protect you data against the Ultraviolet rays. The features like X-Ray Proof and Magnet Proof further ensures complete data protection against the X-Ray screening and the electronic devices that consists of the magnetic field. Additionally, it is also dust proof and water proof that makes it ideal to be used outdoor. Being Temperature proof, on the other hand, protects it from the damages that can occur due to excessive heat or bitter cold.  
  • Memory Storage Capacity - With 8 GB storage capacity, you can now preserve a huge number of songs, photographs and software applications in this memory card. In fact, it will let you store up 2600 photos, 2000 MP3 songs and up to 3 videos. Moreover, you can save around 4000 photos taken by a 5 MP camera.
  • Speed Rating - It has a transfer rate of 15 MB per second, thus allowing you to share files at 2x faster rate.
  • Design & Durability - This Sony SDHC SF-8N4/T card has a compact design. It weighs approximately 2 grams and its dimension is 2.4 x 3.2 x 0.21 (W x L x T – cm). This card has a 4-bit parallel interface.


  • Usable Capacity : Approx. 7.3GB
  • SD Interface : 4bit-parallel
  • Power Requirements (voltage) : 2.7V - 3.6V
  • Dimension (W x L x T) : Approx. 24 x 32 x 2.1mm
  • Weight : Approx. 2g
  • Warranty: 5 years

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