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Sony PHA-1A Portable Hi-res Dac/Headphone Amplifier (Silver)

Sony PHA-1A Portable Hi-res Dac/Headphone Amplifier (Silver)

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Weight: 150 grams
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Brand: Sony
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Sony, PHA-1EU, ISB DAC, High Resolution, Walkman, Audio Portabl Headphone Amplifier

The way the artists truly intended

Enjoy the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio.

Product features

HIgh sound with a dedicated USB DAC amp

With a dedicated USB DAC amp connecting your headphones and compatible PC, smartphone or Walkman, you’ll enjoy high-quality streaming of High-Resolution Audio. The amp takes over responsibility from your portable device for processing and converting digital data, then amplifies sound using its own integrated amplifier.

Portable, lightweight design with durableness

Small and light at about 150 g the PHA-1A has a rugged aluminium case to protect it from everyday knocks and shocks. Rounded edges make it easy to hold when out and about. Comes with a silicone band for comfortable carrying along with your Walkman, Xperia or iPhone.

High-quality dedicated digital-to-analogue converter (DAC)

Digital-to-analogue conversion is required by any audio device to convert digital data into an analogue signal. Many portable devices incorporate DACs based on whether they fit within space and other limitations, but the PHA-1A is a dedicated device consisting of a high-performance DAC and amplifiers with the sole purpose of handling audio. That’s why listening through the PHA-1A provides an audio experience that far surpasses listening through the built-in DAC of a smartphone, iPhone/iPod, or PC.