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KUBOQ Dual USB Car Charger

KUBOQ Dual USB Car Charger

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KUBOQ Dual USB Car Charger
Charge two devices at once, including the latest generation Apple devices, while on the road. The Belkin Dual Car Charger with included Lightning to USB cable gives you unlimited play and standby time while in the car, and keeps you and a passenger fully charged wherever you go.

  • Universal USB 2.0 ports - The USB 2.0 Ports are universal, so you can still charge your legacy Apple devices with a 30–pin cable or other devices that use a Micro–USB cable. And you never have to share the power with your passengers—just plug in and power up at the same time.
  • Small, compact and easy to useThe low–profile design fits easily in your dash without getting in the way of your other controls. Rubber grips make it easy to insert and remove the Dual Car Charger, and the blue indicator light ring lets you know the charger is fully plugged in and your device is charging.
  • Case compatibility - Depending on the type of case you have, you may need to remove your case before charging. If your speakers, Lightning connector port and AUX port are fully exposed when your case is on, you should be able to easily charge your device without removing the case.
  • Compact design for easy storage and travel use

  • Made of durable hard material
  • Mini size & beautiful design
  • Fast charges and maximizes battery life
  • Effective protection of the safe use of digital equipment. 
  • Suitable for any devices that can charged through USB interface such as MP3, MP4, iPod, Digital cameras, PDA, Cell phone, etc
  • Two USB ports for two different devices
  • Input: 12V - 24V
  • Output: 5V 2000mA
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3.2cm

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